Couples counselling in Chippenham

Paul James Collison is a relationship counsellor in Chippenham

Welcome to my Chippenham couples counselling page.

Relationship counselling is different from individual counselling because it focuses on the relationship between the couple, rather than the therapist and the individual. It is a safe place for a couple to enhance communication between each other, and to gain a deeper level of understanding as to why harmful patterns are occurring.

When two individuals enter a relationship, they carry with them unconscious scripts from their past which can affect their present way of relating. Couples can trigger each other unintentionally and thus arguments may arise. Within my session, I will help you find healthy ways of interacting and getting in touch with your truth within the relationship.

As a therapist, my role is to remain neutral, and non-judgemental, with whatever each person may bring.

I have decided to specialise in couples therapy because I have a natural ability to help couples find their truth within 6 to 12 sessions.  I trained with Relate, where I acquired my level 5 certificate in couples counselling and have helped numerous couples navigate the challenges that a relationship can bring. I have also had training in transactional analysis (TA), this is used to facilitate a better understanding of individuals, relationships and communication.

Initially, we would meet for the first session to discuss how I can help you both to move forward; following that I usually recommend an individual session each to get a wider understanding of each person’s needs. We would then all come back together and continue with the work.

I work from Bath in a peaceful and calm environment. If you wish I can offer an initial free phone conversation to answer any questions you may have, and for you to get a feel for how I work as a therapist. 

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Please contact me for more information or to book your first session using the following methods, or visit my contact page

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