Couples Counselling

My service is unique in that I offer my therapeutic skills combined with couples coaching work. You will come away with clarity and understanding both for each other and within yourselves.

I have worked with clients for many years but found that it was working with couples which really ignited my passion. I could see the life-changing benefits which couples were gaining through coming to therapy, and so I decided to specialise within this field. I have always had a natural ability to understand, empathise and attune with people, responding to their emotions and needs in a sensitive and intuitive way.

I have overcome my own personal struggles in life and used therapy myself to understand how negative life experiences can play such a significant role in how we relate to people as adults.

I have learnt how my early childhood experiences have impacted my romantic relationships, and how I can move from avoiding intimacy to now being in a deep and loving relationship. I can now express my feelings in a proactive way, communicate challenging emotions, and know that it is always ok to speak my truth

The outcomes that can be expected from our work together include:

  • Ability to communicate how you are feeling
  • Being able to hear your partner without being defensive
  • Enjoying each other’s time together
  • Allowing each other the space needed without it feeling like abandonment
  • Recognizing each other’s triggers
  • Settling your differences proactively without letting them linger
  • Settling your differences proactively without letting them linger
  • Learning how to bring the romance back into the relationship
  • Working together as a team rather than as enemies

About couples counselling

Couple counselling is different from individual counselling because it focuses on the relationship between the couple, rather than the therapist and the individual. I have noticed that couples come to therapy needing help and solutions straight away; therefore, my couples counselling approach is more robust than individual, and much more emphasis is put into strategies personal to you both.

My service has become popular because I am aware that couples are not looking for quick fixes that do not last. They want to gain the critical tools needed to create a lifelong connection.

Throughout my career as a couple’s counsellor, I have developed successful strategies that help couples in a crisis and enable them to quickly discover if they truly want to be together. Clients can expect significant improvement within 6 to 12 sessions of working together.

What you can expect

Relationship counselling is an opportunity to enhance communication between the couple, and to gain a deeper level of understanding as to why dynamics occur and repeat themselves. When two individuals enter a relationship, they carry with them unconscious scripts from their past which can affect their present way of relating. Couples can trigger each other unintentionally and thus arguments may arise.

I can help you to find healthy ways of interacting and getting in touch with your truth within the relationship. As a therapist, my role is to remain neutral, and non-judgemental, with whatever each person may bring. I trained with Relate, where I acquired my level 5 certificate in couples counselling and have helped numerous couples navigate the challenges that a relationship can bring.

My counselling appointments are all held at a regular time each week. I offer an initial free phone conversation to answer any questions you may have, and for you to get a feel for how I work as a therapist. 

I offer proven and highly successful strategies which will help you overcome the challenges and issues you may be facing.  

These are some of the issues that bring us to couples counselling:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Marital affairs
  • Anger and resentment
  • Parenting differences
  • Financial pressures
  • Differences in upbringing
  • Drifting apart
  • Sexual issues

My approach with couples is to provide you with practical solutions within the sessions we have together, in addition to exercises you can both work on at home with each other. These will help shift you out of the negative loop that couples can find themselves